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Schwihag Roller Installation and Equipment Required (Updated - June 2019)

Cable testing (Updated June 2019)

Schwihag Roller Installation and Equipment Required (NEW - March 2019)

HVI Track Circuit (Updated - March 2019)

Wharton Series 4010 digital signal box diagram clock (NEW - Feb 2019)

HVI Track Circuit (Updated - Feb 2019)

Circuit Controller Info Books added (donated) (NEW - Jan 2019)

FDM GEC Type RR (NEW - Oct 2018)

Westpac MK4A (NEW - Sept 2018)

MCB - OD Level 1 & Level 2: both updated (June 2018)

Cable Testing (for newly qualified SMTH testers) (NEW - June 2018)

MCB - OD Level 1: updated (June 2018)

PICOP, ES, SWL & COSS roles in a T3 diagrams: Updated following Rule Book Dec17 changes (May - 2018)

MCB - OD SLFM Level 2: Minor errors corrected (April - 2018)

WestCad: How to replay signalling on geographical data display (NEW - Nov 2017)

MCB - OD v9 (LIDAR shutters added into circuit flowchart and relay functions tables added) (Nov 2017)

Working at Height - Using the Rescue Kit (NEW - June 2017)

TPWS Basics Document added (NEW - March 2017)

Backdrive Equipment List Updated (v1.4) (March 2017)

Clamp lock Installation Notes updated, now with pictures (January 2017)

PICOS arrangements key-point diagram added (NEW - January 2017)

Selc 45-18 Digital LC Audible Warning Timer - Set-up Instructions (NEW - Nov 2016)

Railway Telephone Guide updated (v2.1) to show new phones and amended cat numbers (Sept 2016)

MW - My Work App Basic User Instructions (NEW - August 2016)

DC Track Circuit Fault Flowchart v1.4 (updated with new symptoms) (August 2016)

MCB - OD v1.8 (updated with fault search guide & better CCTV instructions) (August 2016)

Siemens Modular Signalling with Westrace MKII I/L basic appreciation v1.2 added (Feb 2016)

MCB - OD v1.7 (maintenance info added as well as minor updates) (Feb 2016)

Back-drive Equipment List updated, now Version 1.3 (Feb 2016)

Tokenless Block updated with actual circuit diagrams and colour key (Jan 2016)

MCB OD v1.6 (updated the modular reset procedure) (Jan 2016)

Back-drive Equipment List updated (v1.2)  (Dec 2015)

GSM-R guides and National Phone Directory added (NEW - Nov 2015)

MCB OD v1.5 (procedure for handing back after being on local control and signallers fault guide added) (November 2015)

MCB - OD v1.4 (reset procedure added when working with modular signalling) (Oct 2015)


Guestbook reinstated after the original ceased trading. Please leave your valuable feedback.

Role of PICOP, SWL, COSS, IWA & ES in a T3 v1.7 possession diagram updated (Oct 2015)

Single Line Direction Lever Circuit added (NEW - Oct 2015)

Role of PICOP, SWL, COSS & ES in a T3 v1.3 possession diagram updated (Sept 2015)

Rule Book Links page updated after RSSB website update (August 2015)

Role of PICOP, SWL, COSS & ES (diagram) v.1.2 added (August 2015)

MCB - OD v1.3 (July 2015) Update: what to do to view video files by downloading third party program to view H.264 format. 

Signal Clearing Process using Turn & Push Interlocking method (NEW - June 2015)

MCB - OD v1.2 added (May 2015) 

AHB circuit added (NEW - May 2015)

Tokenless Block System (NEW - May 2015)

AWS system added (NEW - March 2015)

Level Crossing circuit flowchart (NEW - Feb 2015)

'BB3' type pin brazer updated and missing page 4 added (Jan 2015)

WestCad Basic Information, Functions & Fault Finding added (NEW - Dec 2014)

TDR operating instructions updated (NEW - Dec 2014)