I have over 25 years experience on working on most signalling equipment from mechanical to most electrical types. New technology is ever increasing and I like to keep myself involved and up-to-date. I've had experience on maintenance teams, New works, Locking Fitters, Pointcare and faulting teams.

I have been involved in various projects over the years and received recognition in the following achievements: 

  • 2001 – 2011 Recognition for new mechanical points design to reduce weight and heat issues.
  • 2005 Recognition for designing unique points double acting drive crank.
  • 2005 Part of Steering Group for RIMINI safe system of work packs.
  • 2008 Recognition and monetary award for stretcher detection system.
  • 2009 Winner of Network Rail Determination Award.
  • 2009 Created the UK’s only dedicated S&T website.
  • 2015 Created UK’s first dedicated S&T Facebook group.
  • 2016 – 2018 Organised 30 LED and semaphore signal upgrades.
  • 2017 Chosen in Network Rail LNE Talent Programme.
  • 2017 Working Group looking into Tubular Stretcher issues.
  • 2018 Chosen to be part of LTIFR working group.
  • 2018 Project Leader in Brigg Line points upgrade.
  • 2019 Chosen to be part of the 019 Safe Work Pack evaluation team.

So why did I create this site?

I started with British Rail as a (now defunct) Grade One S&T Assistant Technician, which meant I had no traineeship, fast-track scheme or apprenticeship and had to learn from the bottom with minimal courses. 

I was lucky though in the respect that my superiors were very knowledgeable people and I wanted to learn, so they believed in me and gave me that chance. 

I truly believe that good genuine advice comes for free and by passing on that knowledge and experience, I am giving someone else that chance to do well and to achieve their ambition whatever that may be.

Even though the site costs me financially to run and maintain, I will never charge for access. 

I hope it has helped you or your colleagues. Please show your appreciation and leave a message in the guestbook. Thank you. 

F. M Spowart.