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***Please note: from the 27th of January 2020 this site is no longer updated. Therefore all documents are uncontrolled and information may be out of date - however many documents do not have an expiry date as such and will therefore still maybe useful***

It will remain open for the time being, but may be closed in the near future. The contact page has been removed. 

 Thank you to everyone that has supported the site over the 11 years it has been active.

The site contains technical documents and helpful information on a wide range of signalling equipment, some where no known notes exist. 

These documents are designed to help technicians digest the important information which is especially handy when travelling to a signalling fault for instance.

Created in 2009 to aid S&T technicians around the UK and wherever the same equipment is fitted in the World.

With 1000+ members Worldwide, it has hopefully helped countless of S&T technicians - please give me any feedback if its helped you!

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